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Financial Services

Millions of people are missing traditional banking services as they are in the need to do financial transactions, wherever they are, to whoever that expects the money. Our company has developed a smart and simple solution to provide to anyone who needs to do financial transactions from home or on travel a smartphone application, which transforms your mobile device into a mobile cash dispenser.

NGM offers the ability to make international payments and transfers via our simcard without requiring the high cost of a normal international transaction involved.


Transfer money in a safe way, easy, fast and at low cost. For online and offline cash transactions. An easy to use E-Wallet solution, which grants a comprehensive flexibility and security for online cash transactions.

A standard international money transfer is normally very expensive, difficult and slow. But now, with our protected E-Wallet closed loop system, you can transfer money to anybody in the world, safely, easily, fast and at very low costs!

The E-Wallet offers many advantages to private individuals, organisations and businesses alike. It is easy to get and manage cash transactions. The application on your smartphone gives full flexibility, control and security.

Anyone can accept and receive E-Wallet payments. You can send money to anybody with a smartphone and they don't need to have an E-Wallet account to receive the money. You just have to type in their phone number and the money is on the way to them. They will receive a text message, explaining in a simple way, that they are about to get money from you. Once they create a E-wallet account, the money is instantly theirs!

  • Instant settlement
  • Automatic top-up for the wallet
  • Transfer value from one account to another
  • Parent-child account

A digital wallet is a safe, virtual container of cash in multiple currencies, receipts, different loyalty - and membership cards with which you may pay items and transfer money. A digital wallet is normally working in an application and handled in the cloud. This structure keeps it safe in the cloud and accessible via any smart phone.

What is our E-Wallet solution?

Our E-Wallet solution is focused on being in the World elite of being cost efficient and agile; managing both multiple currencies and big data.

What can our E-Wallet do for your business?

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Create own loyalty programs
  • Create Big Customer Data
  • Provide online customer care products
  • Make 1-2-1 customer communication

What can our E-Wallet do for your customers?

With our wallet you can improve the convenience of shopping for your customers when they:

  • no longer need cash
  • no longer need credit cards
  • get instant receipts
  • get instant warrants
  • can split bills and transfer money between wallet users

Multiple Currencies

With our WALLET solution our end-users may operate in multiple currencies and repatriate money at lowest possible cost with highest possible convenience.

Multiple cards

Any of our E-Wallet users may use multiple cards and banks connected to the wallet simultaneously.

Receive merchant payments, save costs, in a smart way, without delay's. Normal payment agreements for merchants are extensive to get, and are expensive to manage. Often merchants have wait for up to 8 weeks after a sale has been done, to get their money from the payment schemes. This is not fair. Nor it is acceptable for a merchant to wait for his cash flow. With our protected E-Wallet closed loop system, our merchants can access the program, easy and fast, receive payments easy and fast from the customer, and receive payouts easy and fast as well.

Prepaid Debit card

For all your purchases and safety on tour.

Our global Prepaid debit card gives anyone the means to manage their money, receive and transfer funds back and forth, make secure purchases and maintain privacy. All with the convenience of a flexible debit card that becomes the bank account in your E-Wallet.

Easy, Fast & Secure

Using your debit or credit card for transactions are easy to manage, without delay and highly secure, and if you are a noi [BOX] mobile subscriber there is an additional layer of personal identity authentication to minimize potential fraud.

At lowest costs

Tariffs for mobile communication, data and fees for the debit card are surprisingly low. Our ambition is to provide you with highly competitive service offerings!

  • A subscriber can directly send money to any of the debit cards
  • Friend or family member with the debit card can take out money or use it for purchases
  • Subscriber can attach up to 3 debit cards to his/her account

Airtime transfer

  • No bank account necessary wages can be directly credited to the card.
  • Payment transaction can be done as easy as from your bank account. Simplifies worldwide (internet) shopping
  • Transfer money to your mobile phone with our simcard and of course transfer it back. Ideal to transfer money, e.g. to our customer's family in other countries all over the World.

Credit transfer

  • Credit transfer service allows subs to transfer airtime to another mobile device
  • Money for airtime can be sent to anyone on 180+ different operators in the World